JJO: Shohei Ohtani Appears To Crank His Hog After Stealing 2nd In Philly

That's a horny dude right there. No two ways about it. Shohei was absolutely torqued up about stealing 2nd on Garrett Stubbs and simply could not contain himself. He had to crank his hog right then and there. Power stance and everything. That's a "sorry, this never happens. I'll just finish up myself" if I've ever seen one before. 

Now obviously Shohei Ohtani has dealt with some legal issues already this year with his interpreter "stealing millions" from him and clearly not being a fall guy whatsoever for any illegal gambling debts. Things certainly looked a little shady there for a little, but I guess there was enough evidence to put the interpreter away for that one. All I'm saying is that I hope Shohei kept his same lawyer on retainer because he might need him again after Philly police are already on the hunt searching for culprit who "nutted" on an unsuspecting woman's leg earlier today at a Dollar Store. 

This guy randomly jacks off onto an unsuspecting woman, Shohei Ohtani pretends to jack off onto an unsuspecting Bryson Stott. Coincidence? I guess that'll be for the judge to decide.