The MLB All-Star Game Will Have Actual Robot Bartenders Serving Drinks To Fans At The Game And I Absolutely Hate It

Get me off of this ride, this is a pass for me. I've never seen an episode of "Black Mirror", but I think this was one of the episodes. Why do we need these robots serving us drinks? How is this going to work? You just type your order into a computer and it makes it? What happened if they run out of High Noons? Can these robots open cans, I doubt it. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me. 

You're expecting fans to wait in line for a robot to make a drink? And I'm assuming there is a tip button at the end too! 20% to a robot for mixing drinks?! Crazy talk here. Part of the whole bar experience is making convo with the bartender, tipping a little extra so they'll give you a heavy pour. I don't want robots behind the bar becoming a norm either, this can't be the future. They think it will help move lines quicker, get more people in and out in a timely manner but there is just no chance any of that happens. 

Baseball loves to try and do funky, weird things to get them ahead of the curve but this is so far behind what anyone wants. This is a nightmare situation for anyone over the age of 30 as well. Just let us order drinks through a living, breathing person and we can get back to watch the game. 

It is pretty funny that baseball has heard the cries for robot umps for years and immediately pivoted and put robots behind the bar, not the plate. I do wonder if there will be some glitchy robots, maybe you can get a GameShark and get it to pour a little extra? God forbid this robot pours a beer with a little too much head for a Phillies fan, this thing is going to get smoked right in the face. 

It's also kind of crazy to install these machines that are hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of paying people like $15 an hour to pour beers. I've never been more out on something, keep humans behind the bar and get these things out of my face. Whats next, hot dogs selling robots going up and down the aisle? Gonna be a no from me dog.