Angel Reese Desperately Begged for The Ball in the Final Seconds of Garbage Time to Secure Her 14th Straight Double-Double

Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese had already set the WNBA's most consecutive double-double's record. Coming into today's 12pm game vs the Atlanta Dream, she was sitting on 13 in a row. Going into the Sky's final possession, she was sitting on a measly 9 PTS & 13 REB. The Sky were up 7. By all measures the game was over. But Angel Reese wasn't willing to let her streak die that easily. Right when it looked like both sides were ready let the clock run out and pack in in, Angel Reese assumed the position in the post, thew her arms to the sky like Ed Hochuli signaling for a touchdown, and demanded the rock. And the rock is what she got. Angel Reese drew the meaningless foul, stepped up the free throw line, and hit her free throws to keep the streak alive.

Sorry I don't know why I felt the need to transcribe what happened in the video there. But that's what happened. Angel Reese kept her double-double streak alive by demanding the ball in garbage time and the internet is livid.


I personally can't relate to people who watch something as harmless as this happen and truly give a shit. Yes I titled this blog, "Angel Reese Desperately Begged For The Ball..."... but that just factually correct. I mean, how else would you describe this action.

But who cares. Stats are stupid anyways. If Angel Reese wants to pick up a cheap double-double in garbage time to keep the streak alive then more power to her. I'd probably do the exact some thing. It's fun to pad stats. If you got a chance to keep a streak going then you might as well take it. 

However… I will say… if you're Angel Reese here… after you draw that foul… you got to at least crack a smile and acknowledge what you did was a little cheap. At least make light of it. Give us a little, "Haha fuck you bitches I got my stats". Don't be all serious and pretend you're just going about your regular basketball playing business. You know what you did. You don't have to be ashamed of it, but just a little tip, if you laugh it off then you'll have a lot less people on the internet calling for your head because you had the audacity to do something for yourself. Not taking yourself too seriously goes a long way. 

Keep up the good work Angel. Quite the impressive streak you got going. Here's to 14 more.