Ollie Watkins Scores The Game-Winner For England, Claims He Told Cole Palmer This Morning That They'd Come On As Subs And Do Just That

Look, I don't England. I don't know why so many people at this very here company are going crazy for England. They are basically the Cowboys with a whole lot less winning - it's at least only been 30 years for the Cowboys. It's funny when England loses, their fans go crazy and the entire country shuts down. I was ready for that today when the Netherlands/Dutch/Holland, whatever you want to call them, scored early. 

Then you had the Kane PK/controversial call: 

I don't know man. I agree with most people (including former England players) who said this wasn't a penalty. But it's about what Watkins did. Came on as a sub, scored his first goal and had people in England going fucking wild

But then there was this from Watkins after the match

Come on. This is LeBron predicting Kobe's 81! This is every athlete saying something along those lines. You don't predict that. Plus, you can't swear on people's lives, that's basically the biggest giveaway you're lying. Everyone has a mother's grave they swore on! I don't want to take away anything, because I mean shit, he did score a ridiculous game-winner and is a hero in England now, but come on. 


Whatever, go Spain.