SEE YA: Gregg Berhalter Is Finally Fired As USMNT's Manager After Embarrassing The USA, Leading A Complete Failure At Copa America

SEE YA! SEE YA! WE'RE FREE! Look, this had to happen. I still wasn't sure that the USSF would actually be smart enough to do it, but you had to fire Gregg. He was embarrassing the country, he led the failure at Copa America. All he's done is be better than Mexico while finishing behind Canada. CANADA! In soccer! Now we need to get Matt Crocker out of here too. 

It was a failure the moment Gregg Berhalter was re-hired after the World Cup. Forget what he did there or the Reyna blackmail stuff, there was no reason to bring him back for a second cycle. You don't see that unless you have true success and have a manager that everyone trusts. I don't think anyone trusted Gregg's style or anything like that. That led to the failure at Copa America. Not advancing from a group while playing at home? Embarrassing. A low point. You don't stay on as manager after a failure, I don't care what sport we're talking about here. 

But this is it. Gregg is gone. It's a good day for American soccer. Now it's time to get out of the MLS family. It's time to work endorsements and figure out a way to bring in Klopp or Pep or anyone that's somewhat respectable. It's time to treat US soccer like a program that can actually succeed. These players are playing at the highest level in Europe. This isn't just a ragtag group or anything like that. You have 2 years before the World Cup, don't fuck it up. 

But for now we celebrate. BERHALTER IS OUT.