Congratulations Are In Order For Jalen Brunson For Being An Extreme Knower Of Ball

Steven Ryan. Getty Images.

One thing that the entire 2024 NBA season and the Celtics title showed us was it really made it crystal clear who knows ball and who simply does not. Who could be honest about what was happening on the floor and who couldn't get past their own personal bias and hatred to the point where they openly refused to accept the reality we were all watching.

It happened in October, it happened through the ASB break, it happened heading into the playoffs, and it happened in every single round of the postseason. Hell, it's even still happening now!

And while I've certainly taken advantage of this and done my part to publicly shame these non-ball knowing morons, I would also like to take this same opportunity to do the exact opposite. Ball Knowers should be praised just as much as the non-Ball Knowers are clowned.

As a result, I would like to take this opportunity to commend New York Knick savior and extreme Ball Knower Jalen Brunson

Now compare that to say....Shaq (who also picked the Mavs to win the Finals btw)

I imagine this is probably pretty weird for some Knicks fans to hear from their savior, mostly because a lot of them much like the rest of the opposing fanbases/melted brain media have been getting extremely high on copium about the Celts title run ever since June 17th. And while we'll have to wait and see if the new-look Knicks can pose a legitimate threat to the champs next season, for now, I can put that beef aside and give credit where credit is due. Anytime an MVP candidate and All NBA player is willing to speak the truth that just so happens to align with my beliefs, I'll always support him and the take.

Honestly, even as a Knick it's still hard for me to dislike Jalen Brunson. His 2024 season really reminded me a lot of the infamous 2016 Isaiah Thomas season


where the magic Knicks fans experienced this season with Brunson was virtually identical to what we as Celts fans experienced during that Isaiah season

Not only that, but it's also impossible to not love his mindset moving forward, which sounds a whole lot like the mindset that recent NBA champion Jayson Tatum had entering this past season

See, this is the type of stuff I can respect. Even if the Knicks and Celts are supposed to be rivals, and even if the trendy thing to do on the internet is to try and discredit what the Celts accomplished this season, a ball knower like Jalen Brunson doesn't take the bait and simply tells the truth. It's refreshing if we're being honest. 

This is what all of these very clearly upset opposing fanbases and media pundits can't seem to grasp. What may play on social media and go viral is not real life. The players, you know the ones who actually have to deal with the Celts and understand what it takes to play in the playoffs and win a title seem to be telling quite a different story. I wonder what the reality is? Whatever @LukaGOAT1256 or @EMVPIID651 or Skip Bayless say, or someone who actually lives the life? 

Really makes you think.