Bo Naylor Taught Himself Spanish So He Could Better Communicate With The Guardians Potential Cy Young Closer, Emmanuel Clase

Listen we may not have the payroll of the Mets. And we may not have the Starting Rotation of the Phillies. And we may not strike the most fear into opposing pitchers with our lineup like the Yankees and Orioles do. But we have a Power of Friendship stronger than any team in baseball, and it's been good enough for a 57-33 start, which ranks......checks standings.....FIRST in the American League. And one great example of the power of friendship comes from last night's broadcast, where the commentators mentioned that Bo Naylor LEARNED SPANISH in order to communicate better with our closer. Are you fucking kidding me??? I need to know if this means learning words like fastball and nice pitch, or if he went back to Cuyahoga Community College on his off nights to take Spanish courses until he could go on a road trip with the guy.

I love this team so much and they deserve everything that is coming there way. And the list of  "everything coming their way" better include some moves before the deadline to keep this team in World Series contention. And it also better include some serious discussion about the biggest awards in baseball, including but not limited to a Cy Young for Emmanuel Clase. And if you think I'm being a homer by calling him a potential Cy Young winner, please take up your complaints with Hembo from ESPN.

44 appearances on the year. ZERO earned runs in 40 of those appearances, has never allowed two earned runs, and the Guardians are 41-3 in games he pitches in. He has 28 saves, is 4-1 record wise, an ERA of 0.83, and a WHIP of 0.67.

^ That's a Cy Young winner in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Hopefully he gets the respect to become one in Cleveland.