VIDEO: Dutch Brawl English Before Euros Game

Well, it's funny because literally minutes before this broke out they were all chilling and singing. I don’t like soccer but I would be so down to just go to wherever Euros is to party. 

Who knows why the fight started? It looked like the fanbases were having fun. For some reason, saxophones have been the music of choice at the Euro. A man from Germany has become an international sensation in the country. 

I have not seen a German guy command a crowd like that in a long time. At least this time it is with a sick saxophone and not hateful rhetoric. 

These soccer tournaments have allowed nationalistic fervor from fans to spill out in hooliganism like this as opposed to World Wars which is a better outcome, but I believe it's really a result of soccer just being so damn soft. 

Grown men begging on their hands and knees for refs to give them penalties just drives me up a damn wall, especially after they roll on the ground for a while.

I think these fights are just because the fans are insecure about how tough they have to be because they like soccer. 

(Yes I know Dunkirk isn't in the Netherlands but it's legit like Rhode Island and Mass)