After Breaking Down The Footage, Caitlin Clark Kinda Sucks

At pickleball. 

Caitlin Clark is absolute dog shit at pickleball. Pretty sick basketball player, and would probably be breaking every record ever set in the WNBA if her teammates could receive a single pass. Caitlin Clark would beat my ass in basketball every which way to Sunday. 

But I'm beyond confident that I would toast her ass on the pickleball court. Let's just dissect the film for a minute here. 

That return of serve is so soft and short. I would have blasted that 3rd shot down the line to her backhand the moment I sensed her poaching towards the middle. I'd honestly be worried about her shattering her ankles when she'd need to slam on the brakes to get to her backhand there. Even if she was able to make contact with the ball thanks to her ridiculous wingspan, there's no chance in hell she'd have the control to put it in a good spot. That's either going to be an out ball, or she's popping it up for me to slam on her. Either way, easy point. But she gets bailed out by an awful opponent here who just pops one up to her in the middle. 

Again, we have another short and soft return of the serve here. Her playing partner bails here out a little bit by somewhat handling the 3rd shot drive that gets rifled his way, but he still pops it up 10 feet into the air. If that's me, I am body bagging CC with my 5th shot on this point. But again, her opponent lets her back into this point with a bad dink that allows Caitlin Clark to get one back over the net with her 6th shot. She's so far back from the kitchen line here that it would be a perfect time to hit her with a drop shot. That's 3 different times already that I would have ended this point, but her opponent pops one up again and sets Clark up for the kill. Brutal. 

Fact of the matter here is that Caitlin Clark might be one of the most popular athletes on the planet right now. But if it ever came down to it, I would dominate her 11-0, 11-0 in pickleball. It would be a world class shellacking. But again, good basketball player. 

P.S. -- It's the middle of July. We are allowed to clickbait.