This Has To Be One Of The Most Insane, Randomly Batshit Plays Ever Captured On A Baseball Diamond

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Um…excuse me? I know some great, under the radar happenings go down in Reading, PA from time to time, but for black magic to not only occur, but happen so…nonchalantly has gotta be one of the most wild individual instances in the history of ball. Yes, they say "Baseball is a game of inches" and "You see something new everyday at the ballpark" all the time but I don't know if wizardry ever reached its way onto the diamond. Well, outside of how hard 5'11 Tim Lincecum could throw absolute HEAT on that height. At 6'3 and never being able to top 80 on the gun I always assumed it was some sort of witchcraft. 

Good on the minor league catch for earning his paycheck/bus fare for the day. Even tho the hardos are gonna say the ump got it wrong as you need to catch a foul tip cleanly, it's still a helluva batshit play. For your viewing entertainment, here are a few other batshit occurences throughout MLB history that still baffle the masses to this day. Obviously we start off with Randy Johnson deleting a poor bird from existence during a random Spring Training weekday:  

And then there's Bryce Harper hitting a ball with a batted ball during batting practice:

Or the baseball leaving Jose Cancesco's dome for a dinger:


And the fact Angel Hernandez lasted in the Majors for DECADES. Only in this Matrix. No other.