Is He In The Wrong? Guy Goes Viral For Dining And Dashing On His Hinge Date After She Brings A Friend And Orders Surf And Turf

So I was scrolling my TikTok feed a few minutes ago (I'm finding blog topics, cry about it) and I immediately ran to my AI blogging server to input this and see what it spit out. Let me start by saying that I'm sure there's stories of this in the world of Hinge and online dating. As someone who lives in NYC and sees dating culture first hand, every single resident who lives here can probably tell you they have a friend who is a chronic dater for the sole purpose of getting free meals and drinks. You don't need to budget for drinks and eating out food costs if you can just swipe on a couple apps with no intention of actually dating and just meet up with any regular Tommy trying to find his Pam. 

But this is one of the most egregious examples I've seen. Part of me wants to fully blame this guy for continuing to go on the date after she showed up with a friend and asked if she could join, but then the other part of me thinks it's a well deserved dish served green. The only question I had was what happened after this, and luckily for us, two hours ago he gave us the much anticipated update:

Now I'm team these two women. Finding a sucker to come and pay your tab without actually eating 30 minutes later is the stuff of legends. That's the type of clutch gene that you'd only find from a great like my king LeBron or Kobe. They had their wallets against the wall and they performed. Nothing wrong with that. 

This is a debate for a different time, but could hibachi be considered a casual date? Maybe this is just the New York in me, but if you go out to a hibachi dinner with one woman let alone two in the city, you're paying no less than $150 and that's if you don't even have a sip of alcohol. Dating is truly the definition of a fool and his money are soon parted, but good on this guy for keeping his wallet in tact through thick and thin. Good luck out there.