Kanye West Retired from Making Music Yesterday

If someone were to ask me who my favorite musical artist of all-time is, I'm without hesitation going with Kanye West. I'm not one of those Kanye fans who's going to sit here and try to defend him as a person. He by all accounts seems like a pretty bad dude. But I'll be damned if the man can't produce the hell out of some music. 

The three song stretch of ___ in Paris, Otis, and Gotta Have It on Watch The Thorne is the best 3-song stretch on any album I've ever heard. Black Skinhead, I Am a God, New Slaves, and Hold My Liquor on Yeezus is the best 4-song stretch on any album I've ever heard. His opening verse on Spaceships is my favorite rap verse of all-time. Every verse on Gorgeous in a masterpiece (except for when Reakwon comes in, idk why he felt the need to end the song with him). His style has changed drastically over the years, and no matter what he does it's a hit. Even his experimental music that I don't love at first, I always come around to. I love the man's music.

So naturally I was devastated yesterday when I heard that news that Kanye West was retiring from making music. Well... I would have been. Except by the time the news came across my desk he had already announced a new project just hours after the retirement.

Now could Kanye still be retiring? Sure. This project or song or whatever was obviously completed long before his retirement announcement. Kanye could technically never enter a music studio, or write a rap verse ever again. But you would have to be living 4,000 miles deep into the earth core to think a person like Kanye West announcing a retirement on a Tuesday afternoon in July actually meant something. 

Kanye isn't retiring. He can't retire. Kanye needs music. At minimum he needs to release a halfway decent album once every couple of years to distract us from how horrible of a human being he actually is. His music needs to be on the forefront of people minds if he wants his other artistic projects to be taken even halfway seriously. If he quits music entirely, then the next time he releases his newest line of Yeezy leisurewear made entirely of trash bags, instead of people thinking "Oh wow, Kanye West the musician has some new clothes.", we'll think, "Oh.... the guy who recently hosted a Ted Talk about how Adolf Hitler was actually the reincarnation of Jesus Christ has some new clothes." Kanye can't afford to have people primarily associating with his thoughts. 

I guess most people will probably associate him with the bad shit anyways. But the music at least helps distract a portion of the population from it. I think. Idk. My point is, if Kanye stops making music, then society no longer has any use for him. No reason to pay attention to him. No reason to think he's anything other than a horrible manipulative selfish piece of shit who does nothing but make society worse as a whole. If Kanye wants to keep doing his stupid fucking side quests, he needs to keep making music. Not only to fund said side quests, but to continue giving people a reason to pay attention. Without the music, Kanye is nothing but a menace to society. 

Congrats on the fake retirement Kanye. I hope you take some time to enjoy yourself for the next 36 hours or so until you boldly complain that you're back.