Seeing Just How Thirsty the Giants Were for Drake Maye is Bourbon for Any Patriots Fan's Soul

Kara Durrette. Getty Images.

Count me among those who love this video that's gone viral of the Giants working Eliot Wolf hard to move up in the draft and get Drake Maye:

And I appreciate Reag's excellent take on it:

But with all due respect, I'm a provincial guy. My interest in the world begins with the coast of Maine, extends through Foxboro, and ends about halfway through Connecticut. I'm all about myself, my people, and our needs. Which is why this whole sequence is filling my dark, damaged heart with joy. 

One of my favorite quotes of all time allegedly comes from a Broadway producer who said, "It's not enough that I succeed. Others must also fail." My sentiments exactly. And if there's a group of people alive whose failure could make my spirit soar more than the New York Giants, I can't imagine which it would be. Their successes 17 and 13 years ago still haunt my every waking moment. But I loathed them with the white hot intensity of a thousand fryolaters long before then. Since for as long as I can remember. Seriously. Hating on the Giants and resenting the fact they were on my TV every time the Patriots weren't is one of my earliest, most vivid childhood memories. And I perfected that sentiment long before they crushed my 19-0 dreams. 

So this is what I need right now. Not only seeing how desperate the Giants were to get their grubby little sausage fingers on what we now have. But also seeing why they wanted Drake Maye. Because despite the knocks on him that he's too young, too raw, and only had like 26 starts at UNC, this man can handle a dry erase marker:

If there's a 21-year-old who knows his way around "10 Dolphin right, 72 Tundra, flow H-angle" or his corner-flags or his Rita-Lindas, or sliding his 72 5-man protection, better than Maye, it's news to me. And to Brian Daboll, who's eyes were positively sparkling as he fired all the jargon he could at the kid, then threw the empty gun. And Maye grasped it all like a veteran. No wonder they tried to move heaven and earth in an effort to land him. To spare no expense. But the Patriots weren't selling.


And for that, I'm grateful. Hopefully eternally grateful. Because we've spent too long in this time of doubt. When optimism hasn't been rewarded. Where the promise of so many prospects has ended up being fool's gold. And it's hard to trust again. Thankfully we've all got this to make us feel even better about Drake Maye's future. 

This is an order of magnitude better than that feeling you get when you make a selection in your Fantasy draft and the guy right after you gets pissed. One, you know you just helped yourself. Two, you know you hurt him. It's a win/win. So I suggest we all celebrate by buying a shirt:

And to the Giants fan friends that I inexplicably have, best wishes for your with Daniel Jones.