Dudes Rock: Dude Uses An Alligator To Open His Beer

Another dudes rock moment and one of the best I've seen in a while. Opening a beer bottle is a manly move. I know the guy here uses a beer can, but regardless of can or bottle you either look like you know what you are doing or don't when opening one. There's a very clear divide between those who do it looking cool, those who just do it, and those who do it poorly. This guy gets it, and does it well. 

The balls to involve an alligator is all time. Credit to this guy for finding the coolest way possible to open a beer. He's lucky he damn thing didn't take his hand off. The real question here is would he do this again ? I feel like he has to know he got lucky living to tell about the first experience and knows the next one may not be as smooth, but I also feel like this guy is a savage and this is how he gets his fun, by pushing the limits on his own safety. Next week he'll be running with the Bulls, and the week after that he'll be taking a punch from McGregor. Action and suspense junkie like you read about.                 .