Cooper Flagg Should've Replaced Kawhi Leonard On Team USA Instead Of Derrick White

This is team USA going full speed and a 17 year old is cooking them. What is the point of adding a Derrick White, who is barely going to play? Nobody is going to give a fuck who is added unless it's Kyrie, so why not put Cooper Flagg on the team and make some history? He can obviously play with everyone on the court so he can play against the shleps on other teams when they are up by 40 points. 

Why would they sub in Derrick White or Jaylen Brown? We need 7 guys on this roster to win a gold medal. Let the kid travel with the team learn form the best and develop. It will also be a cool storyline for everyone involved and they should be excited for the future of the league. He can also beat Melo for the amount of gold medals which I don't think anyone is ever going to do now. Also look at the praise he is getting from Kevin Durant. 

This is one of the best players to ever play the game saying he already looks like a vet. Thats the best thing you can say about someone and he isn't there for any other reason then being the best of the best. Derick you just won a championship sit this one out. Also why wasn't Jaylen Brown on this team, do they hate each other that much that they can't spend the off months with each other? I don't know seems like the there might be trouble in paradise.