The Chicago Sky Owner Gave Angel Reese A Hilariously Underwhelming Cake For Breaking The Consecutive Double-Doubles Record

So Angel Reese broke the WNBA's all-time record for consecutive double-doubles with 13, and the Chicago Sky's owner came into their beautiful, state-of-the-art practice facility to deliver her a celebratory cake. Look I'm not going to beat around the bush here.....nice gesture, hilarious cake.

Did he make it himself? Better yet, did his 13 year old daughter who is spending the week at Baking Camp make it? Listen I know the WNBA isn't bringing in negative 10 million per year or anything special, but the cake budget needs to be higher than a $9.99 day of expiration special at the local grocery store. I mean, Hagrid made a better looking cake than this one...

And I'm sure people are going to say they can't be spending money on cakes when they're losing 8 figures a year as a league, but I think the Owner could probably afford a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake or two if he's coming into the office. I mean, look at what these teams are valued at!

I'm not sure if I thought they'd be higher or lower, but if it costs $90 million to own the Indiana Fever then Dave Portnoy needs to buy them YESTERDAY. All jokes aside, give Dave and Barstool full marketing rights of Caitlin Clark and a WNBA team and I think it goes to the fucking moon.