Paige Spiranac Offers Helpful Swing Tip for Large Breasted Women Golfers Who Feel Uncomfortable on the Course

One thing about Paige Spiranac is that she knows her audience: Female Golfers Who's Swings Are Impaired By Their Giant Breasts. The key is to simply go under on the right arm and over the chest on the left at set up. Like this.

From a slightly different angle

Here's how it should look for lefties.

And the full swing


One more time for good measure

I'm not sure how many big-bosomed lady golfers Barstool Sports has reading our site, so this particular blog might not do exceptionally great numbers wise. But we don't discriminate here. We at Barstool are committed to providing sports coverage to sports fans of every demographic. So for the few of you ladies who this applies too, hopefully this helps you feel a bit more comfortable on a crowed on the tee box while a group of four drunk 50+ year old divorced guys in the group behind you catch up to you every hole to make borderline inappropriate small talk through clouds of thick cigar smoke and intently watch your every drive.