The Giants Diabolically Tried To Get Marvin Harrison Jr. To Throw Kyle McCord Under The Bus And He Simply Wouldn't Do It

What a shitty move by the Giants organization, and what an absolute master class put on by Marvin Harrison Jr. by refusing to, under no circumstances, shit on his quarterback despite the multiple attempts by Giants Wide Receiver coach Mike Groh to get him to do so. And look, I'm not a Kyle McCord guy. I've never been a Kyle McCord guy. I've been on record since Day 1 saying that Kyle McCord would (and ended up being) the reason that Ohio State didn't win the National Title. But who the fuck is Mike Groh to continuously go back to the well and shit on a dude he's never met and has zero beef with? This was legitimate Grade A bullying from the guy, all within 30 seconds:

"You obviously played with one of the best quarterbacks for a few years, how about a young guy that's growing in the beat a guy like this, he underthrows it....what do you come back to the huddle saying to him?"

I don't even hate the strategy of seeing what Marv's response is to a bad throw, but why need to use CJ Stroud just to put down McCord? Show a bad throw and then ask what he said after. Simple as that. But since Marv didn't take the bait, Groh went right back to his playbook of being an asshole and looking for a response.

"I mean, that's a shit throw, right?"

Just throwing shit on the hook, looking for a nibble. But again, Marvin wouldn't as much as look at it. A true professional. And that's the reason that Cardinals took him before the Giants even had the opportunity to. 

** Do we think Brian Daboll put his guy up to this? Was the plan really to see if he'd talk shit, not just about his QB, not just about his teammate, but his best friend that he's played with since HIGH SCHOOL?

I'm so glad Marv passed this test. I just wish he'd have flipped the script and said man you guys sure do criticize the QB well, especially after signing Daniel Jones to a 4-year, $160 million contract.