Nate AKA "The Savior Of Barstool" Is Currently Dominating The WSOP Main Event

Incredible. Nate went from being #2 at the company to, well, you can read: THE SAVIOR OF BARSTOOL. Love or loathe the Spider Monkey, you gotta tip your cap to the volatile primate. Nate was 0-7 lifetime coming into the WSOP Main Event and is 20 busts away from his first cash in the tournament (which will be min $15K+, $10 milly to 1st). Even more incredible to think since Nate wasn't even going to play this year and ended up late registering on Day 2. Good on the Dawg. 

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Mintzy and myself were already out of this year's tournament before Nate was even dealt a hand. To each their own. I'm now officially 0-7 in the Main and am probably going to retire from poker in general but I for sure wanna see Nate make a deep run. And he's set up perfectly for something special. There's still an IMPOSSIBLY LONG way to go before any sort of realistic final table talk. 20 till the money, which is an amazing cash to say the least, but there's still 1,500 people left. To put it in perspective, there have been roughly 30 hours of poker played so far thru full 3 days. It's now Wednesday. The WSOP isn't scheduled to have the final table until next TUESDAY. There's so much - good or bad - that can happen in less than 6 hands. But 6 days? It's an eternity to go. Gotta stay strong, even though this would be the quite the Barstool ending to this saga: 


PS - Been trying my best to find the video from 2017 where Nate from the Vegas Balcony is yelling at Dave and Caleb on Barstool Radio, so here's the infamous cribs video from the same year. What a rabbit hole of a week if one can find it.