'You Guys Were The Least Of My Worries' - Rory Spoke For The First Time Since His US Open Disaster Finish, Doesn't Regret Leaving Right Away

We know what happened, at least I assume we all did. Sunday at the US Open, Rory vs Bryson. Then the missed putts happened: 

Heartbreak at a major again for Rory. Extends his drought to 10 years and another one that felt like he left it out there. He dipped out right away - something a lot of journalists were pissed off about. They claimed he sped out the parking lot. 

He announced he was going to skip the next couple tournaments and went silent after what was basically a notes app apology. Whatever, I didn't care that he left. What was he going to say? Yeah, some people think he should have just sat there, took his medicine, said the normal bullshit responses and move on. But today before the Scottish Open he spoke for the first time. First, he addressed this: 


I love that response. Yeah you guys were the least of my worries. Sorry you didn't have a quote, but you had a better story that was more entertaining than me saying 'yeah congrats to Bryson, it hurts.' We got to talk about Rory leaving the course right away and that is better entertainment anyways. Don't go back and apologize, double down and say you were the least of my worries. That's correct. That's honesty and frankly what we should have more of instead of the canned answers. 

But then he talked about the putts: 

He explains the missed putts, but man, I don't get how you're worried about missing that putt on 18. I know it wasn't an easy putt. It was slippery, huge break, fast, all that. But you gotta worry about making it. You're playing the course and Bryson. Can't just say well if I miss it, I want a tap-in because it opens up for that ending Rory had instead. I do find it interesting that he talked about knowing where Bryson was on the back 9 and how that impacted his round. What happened if they played in the same group? Look, golf is as mental of a game as any other sport out there. At least he admitted this was what got into his mind more than anything else. 

Either way, Rory is back and is going to be a popular pick. Scottish this week, Open next week. Love early morning golf.