Rays Star Shortstop Wander Franco Has Been Formally Charged With Sexual Abuse And Sexual Exploitation Against a Minor And Is Now Facing 20 Years In Prison

Kevin Sabitus. Getty Images.

After months of radio silence regarding the Wander Franco situation, we finally received a major update from the Dominican Republic. The Tampa Bay Rays shortstop is formally being charged and now facing 20 years in prison for sexual abuse and sexual exploitation against a minor. 

Don't know about you, but I kinda forgot about this story while it played out down there. I'm glad Franco is actually going to face consequences instead of being some rich guy corruptly gaming the system. That being said, while 20 years in prison is severe, it's not even close to enough. You'd think the addition of human trafficking charges bump that number up significantly. Dude should be in jail for life. In fact, throw him under the jail with no parole. 

One part of this I'm curious about is the victim's mother, who allegedly offered up her 14 year old daughter to Franco in exchange for thousands of dollars. These are vile human beings who deserve terrible things coming to them. 

What an insanely sad story surrounding a player who was set to become one of the faces of the sport potentially. Had a $182M contract locked up and signed to take care of his family for generations. He's also married and has two sons. Pissed all that away in exchange for being the scumbag of all scumbags. Rot in hell. Hopefully the legal system down there successfully puts him away and the victim(s) are able to find a better life out of this somehow.