'I've Probably Done That 1,000 Times in My Life': Mike Gundy Had an INSANE Response to RB Ollie Gordon's Recent DUI

Holy shit, how is that real? Mike Gundy showed up at an event today specifically designd for the media to ask him questions and this is what he had in the chamber ready to go. Incredible.

Oklahoma State star running back Ollie Gordon was arrested for DUI two weeks ago and Gundy was apparently breaking down the BAC chart as soon as he heard the news to determine what he needed to do about it. And look, do I actually expect a Power Five college football coach to seriously reprimand one of the best running backs in the country for getting popped with a DUI barely over the legal limit? No. But I also wouldn't expect that coach to get in front of a microphone and say that he's done the same thing "1,000 times" and make it sound like Gordon had a dust-up with a teammate at practice. He was driving drunk, dude.

Gundy followed up that gem of a quote by saying Gordon's punishment will be getting the ball 50 times in the Cowboys' first game. He's running OSU in real life like everybody is going to be running Kennesaw State on College Football 25 in a week.

Those are some batshit insane quotes about your best player getting arrested, but they actually got me fired up because we are BACK, baby. Coaches are saying stupid shit. College Football 25 will be here in seven days. I can almost smell the fall air.

It's about that time, boys.