Lamine Yamal Rules - 16 Years Old And Becomes The Youngest Player To Score In Euros History With This Ridiculous Goal

16-years old. Youngest player to ever score at the Euros and he does it this way? Good God, I don't care if you like the sport or not everyone should appreciate that sort of goal. This game is already off the rails so maybe it makes sense to have a goal like this added to it all? You had France scoring early, which is shocking considering France can't score in these Euros: 

Then we get the Yamal goal and 4 minutes later this: 

But that goal by Yamal is legit the best one of the tournament so far. Still can't imagine playing on a national team - let alone one like Spain - at 16. We had Freddy Adu, Spain has Lamine Yamal, basically the same in my book. What could have been, Freddy.