Hawk Tuah Girl Is Officially Getting Paid, Starting With A $30,000 Appearance To Party At A Miami Club In A Tua Jersey

Listen, I'm as tired of seeing the Hawk Tuah girl as maybe the rest of you. But what I can appreciate as an Internet connoisseur is a meteoric rise, regardless of the way you get it. Bri got the first interview with her thanks to her boyfriend who doubles as a megastar and when I tell you it was legitimately the biggest piece of content we've put out this year I don't think I'm exaggerating:

Then she went on stage with Zach to do Revival..

The biggest part about this Hawk Tuah thing is that it's a classic example of Internet fame that comes and goes unless you take full advantage of it. The closest example I can think of, to a way lesser scale, is the Romper Stomper girl who kicked a girl's ass at the Morgan Wallen concert a year ago:

Have you heard anything from her since? Nope, and that's just the way Internet fame goes unless you can somehow capitalize on it and do it quickly. Even the crazy airplane lady launched some socials and some merch and appeared on PMT. My biggest gripe, and it's best explained by our premier journalist JackMac, is that she was in the stages of a potential all-time bag fumble with the likes of Dennis Schroeder turning down a max contract and Fofia Sranklyn doing the same with a certain B*rstool podcast:


Some people are saying one spit wonder, you can only hawk tuah so far, yada yada. But whatever agency that Hawk Tuah girl signed with has started moved quickly (two weeks too late), because she now has social media and got 1.1 million followers in under a week:

What's the ceiling for Hawk Tuah girl? I'm not sure, but her only option is to make money and make it fast. Have her give election advice on CNN or promote GTA 6 or something. Maybe she's so viral that she'll kickstart an influencing career for the next 10 years and make millions and millions of dollars. There's worse ways to become famous I think. She already said she wouldn't make an OnlyFans despite cries coming from Meek Phil's desk at Barstool HQ. Do four or five of those $30,000 appearances at clubs and all of a sudden you're in the six figure club.

Am I jealous that a girl can go viral on a street interview and likely see a million dollars in her bank account in a month after living in small town Tennessee? Absolutely, but welcome to the Internet in 2024. Some of us blog, and some of us go viral beyond your wildest imagination and add infinite 0's to your bank account. Different strokes for different folks. Good luck out there.