Mase Believes Bronny James Should Be Dropped In The Hood For The Summer In Order To Become A Man

It Is What It Is with Mase and Camron has been a massive success since it debuted. The two rappers who grew up together playing basketball in NYC had an infamous beef that tore them apart for years, but pushed it to the side to launch a sports show. 

There have been more viral clips from this show than I can count, but the latest one that made me laugh was about Bronny James:

“It aint time to be polite, n****s are on your neck, PAUSE…everyone is going to target you….Go see the movie 300, when the little boy they wanted to put him in Spartan, they left him on the mountain, with the wolf, and if you come back? You in. It’s that simple. If you die out there? You don’t belong out here. That’s really what gotta happen here!”

"We might need to take you with us to the hood. Then bring you back and say okay, he ready need a girlfriend named Lakisha."

Now, of course, I don't have a lot of experience in the hood. Shocker, I know. But I do not hate this advice...maybe a summer in Dyckman for Bronny wouldn't be bad. It would be impossible to take away the danger aspect, but if you could guarantee he'd come out the other side without being put in serious danger? It may be better than the Summer League. 

You could make a TV show out of it. You know that show about the Amish who do a year outside of their culture and then come back if they want? It can be similar to that. 

Camron suggested that he takes Bronny to Dyckman. Not to brag, but I have been to Dyckman 10+ times, all in the summer of 2015. My previous job at Overtime required me to go there and Rucker Park to cover high school basketball games. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a boarding school kid from Connecticut.