Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is PREGNANT With Her First Child

Okayyyyyy Gypsy! Hopefully the mother thing works out better for you than your mother! 

Gypsy just continues to be the messiest person on the internet. Girl loves airing out her dirty laundry online. More recently, she went on Tik Tok live and talked about how her ex-husband, Ryan, wouldn't stop texting her. However, this man that she is pregnant with is NOT her husband. It's actually her ex-boyfriend that she rekindled with WHILE she was still married! Gypsy!!! I wish nothing but the best for Gypsy and her baby, I just wish she lived her life a little bit more out of prison! She's only been out for a few months and she's already been divorced and pregnant! She should be in the club listening to Brat by Charli XCX.