Arch Manning Has Opted Back In For NCAA Football 25

Well, we got got. Arch Manning opting out was definitely all just a publicity stunt. I mean we should have seen it coming "I am in the Game". 

We were so naive thinking that he actually just wanted to not cause controversy by having everyone start him for Texas before he earned it. If it was legit at the beginning and they paid him off I feel is almost worse than if it was the plan all along. Arch's morals can be bought off?! How will that apply to his future draft stock? If it was the plan all along that shows commitment to the scheme. That shows he will play the long game and throw hints in the first quarter to pull out a win in the 4th. The long scheme is something very next-level in football. Like Ed Reed tricking Peyton Manning on tape just to pick him off when they played later in the year. 

That is the next-level NFL football mindset that average college players, high school, just never get to. It's the next-level strategy that triumphs even the greatest of athletes. Its something that honestly I feel hasn't been in the game since that Reed-Lewis-Brady-PManning-Polalamu Era of the NFL. That was the stuff that had commentators jerking it to Peyton Manning V Brady games. 

I feel like the college game has infiltrated the NFL too much and even though college is checkers and the NFL is still chess, It used to be Axis and Allies where strategy is just so much more advanced. 

But anyway Arch got the bag. Pumped for EACFB25