Keegan Bradley Is Officially The People's Captain - Doesn't Care About LIV Stuff, Wants Our 12 Best Golfers And USA Fans To 'Defend' Bethpage

So it's officially official that Keegan Bradley is the captain for the 2025 Ryder Cup. Good. We needed a shakeup and with Tiger Woods turning it down we need new blood. This is what happens when you get your ass kicked in Europe. But it's not just that, it's what Keegan Bradley is saying. First off, how about how the news broke to him? 

We all saw what happened on Full Swing. Keegan getting the phone call thinking he was being invited to play in the Ryder Cup, was snubbed and ZJ being the one who called him. Twist of irony that ZJ was the one who called and apparently was the only one to tell Keegan Bradley he was being named the Ryder Cup captain. 

But it's not about playing nice or taking the high road. It's about beating the shit out of Europe in Bethpage. That's why this is the most important thing he said: 

Good. You know what fans don't care about during the Ryder Cup? What tour these guys play on. If Bryson and Brooks are in the top-12 bring them. If Talor Gooch, okay, even I can't finish that one. But you get what I'm saying. Take the best 12. It's about beating Europe, nothing else. USA vs Europe. Not LIV vs PGA or anything like that. Because this is what The People's Captain is asking for: 


The Ryder Cup is a different animal. Yeah, there's still rules and all that, but it's about making the European players feel like an away team. It's about being loud, it's about a home course advantage like Europe always seems to have. That's before you get into the course manipulation. 

That said, we could (albeit a long shot) have a player-captain 

Fuck it, let's get weird! Keegan Bradley player-captain after being snubbed for Rome? Just beat Europe and it's the best story in golf. The People's Captain is official and his only concern is beating Europe and opening his 2012 suitcase. It's time.