Conor McGregor Is Already Back To Training For His UFC Return

Just weeks after brutally shattering his pinky toe in camp, it appears Conor McGregor is back to training for his UFC return - and he's already bloodying his sparring partners. 

What an incredible warrior spirit McGregor's displaying by even doing LIGHT training this shortly after breaking his toe, let alone full on sparring and kicking ass. 

Pray for Michael Chandler, who seems more concerned with the Beer Games and Frank The Tank than training himself these days....

Not to toot my own horn here, but I've also been toughing it out recently. I'm pretty sure Stipe Miocic either broke one of my ribs, or at the very least, bruised one of them when he picked me up and squeezed the life outta me last week....

….and I know it looks like nothing from that video, but trust me - my body is brittle; and every little sneeze/cough/laugh/twist/sniffle for the past 11 days has felt like a sharp stab to my right lung. Do you see me complaining, though?! Nope! I was back to blogging almost instantly and haven't missed a podcast since, inspired by the resiliency of the Champ Champ.


Heal up and get back soon, Conor!!! You're the man!! Greatest comeback in sports history loading!!