Could The Power Of SpaceTime Unlock Unlimited Energy?

You may remember Ashton Forbes from his evidence regarding the MH370 Malaysian flight disappearance. As of today all of his doubters have been silenced. Seriously its scary how everyone who has tried to debunk him has been shot down. 

Well, Ashton is back on Audiocraic talking about some of the technology that could possibly be behind how the Plane disappeared out of thin air. Seriously check out this tweet that will encompass just exactly what he is trying to unveil. Every technology from 1964 has gotten serious upgrades and we are just supposed to expect that the highly advanced aircraft from then is all we still got?

I mean Alexandr Graham Bell got arrested for fraud for selling people a telephone. The telegram business was trying to ensure his technology did not catch on. You can't be too close-minded nowadays, I had Ashton on to hear him out. 

I mean the US government hiding things from the public is not something new. If they had tech that was able to move in ways physics cannot explain I would not be surprised. If that tech also used energy sources that would be able to free the world of finite energy sources you cannot help but be interested. The premise is there is a energy that flows throughout the universe that can be captured like the energy of flowing water or wind, it just doesn't interact in one dimension. Its an interesting interview I recommend listening.