A Wells Fargo Analyst Ordered 75 Identical Chipotle Bowls To Test Out The CEO's Statement That Portion Sizes Have Not Gotten Smaller

So as we all know, Chipotle has a great tasting product but the portion sizes have been shrinking since the Golden Ages a few years back. Despite what the CEO may have said about the issue recently:

"The portions have not gotten smaller," Niccol said assuredly. "We always want to give people big portions that get them excited about the food."

Bullshit! I remember not being able to finish one I need to order two and stop at McDonalds on the way home. It's a real shame too, because that was one food establishment that I would've ran through a brick wall for throughout my high school and college years. But the CEO says it hasn't changed since then!

So to test the statement of the CEO, a Wells Fargo analyst led a team of employees on a mission. The group of finance professionals ordered 75 bowls of white rice, black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, cheese, and lettuce. And the results of the portion sizes? Not good at all. I'm not even talking about if they're the same size as five years ago (they're not), I'm talking about how wildly inconsistent they were from bowl to bowl.

The median weight of the bowls was 21.5 ounces. Some locations offered the bowl at a hefty 27 ounces while another only came in at 14 ounces — all from the same menu and prepared in the same way.

How is it possible that one order can be 2x the weight of the exact same order? Think if burger joints did that. Literally ordering a double cheeseburger and getting a single patty. Or if when you asked for a double scoop at an ice cream parlor, they came back with 1 serving. Half sized orders? Should be half the cost!

Here's the data from the entire study:

I appreciate all the effort but we already knew this. The workers and whether you order online/in-person is far to inconsistent these days. What I need is one of these guys to invent a Time Machine, go back to 2015, order 75 bowls, and do a study that way. If the biggest bowl was 27 ounces in 2024, I'd say the biggest a decade ago was probably 35 ounces. And the smallest was probably 28.

….the first political candidate to address this issue will get a huge boost in a lot of American's eyes.