Thibs Jokes, Crazy Dads, Constant Winning - Mikal Bridges' First Press Conference Is What Knicks Fans Have Spent Years Begging To Witness

Today is the day. The day we get the 4th (and not final until Arch comes home) member of the Nova Knicks. Mikal Bridges getting introduced as a Knick, a big day considering Thibs broke out his finest blue jeans. 

And a smile! Who knew Thibs even had teeth? This is what happens when you get a guy who hasn't missed a game, once played 83 games in an 82 game season and is best friends with your core players. Speaking of that, Bridges knows to be ready to play 43 minutes a game. 

Look, this is part of what made us fall in love with this group. Doesn't matter who is hurt, how they feel, these guys go balls to the wall for as long as they physically can. They also win. That helps. Actually that's reason number 1 we all fell in love with this group. So shout out the insane dad for leading them. Not Thibs, but his assistant. 

Rick Brunson should have a statue by Jalen Brunson when it's all said and done. But like I said, we all fell in love with this group because they know their roles. People forget Julius Randle slid to the side before he got injured and knew Brunson was option 1 and he was still an All-Star. 


Now it comes full circle. Not the whole Nova connection but because Mikal Bridges thought he'd be drafted by us.

Now it's time for Bridges to hit the recruiting trail. We're still Knicks fans. We still love rumors. Come on down Desmond Bane. 

The man was made to be a Knick. He was made to play with his best friends. Now it's time to win again. Not just regular season wins, not just a playoff series win. But actually win. For the first time since the mid-90s the Knicks have a legit contender. Jalen Brunson is a star. Julius Randle is an All-Star. They have the perfect role players around them. Time to win.