Dillon Brooks Sending A Warning To Team USA Before The Olympics Is A Good Reminder That He Still Sucks At Trying To Be A Villain

The word try-hard is one of those that has been overused the last few years. But, as I say that, it's the only way to describe Dillon Brooks. He tries his hardest to be a villain. I don't even think he believes 90% of the shit he says. Maybe he does, maybe that's why he's in the NBA, I don't know. But there's no way it's all true. I mean, this is the Dillon Brooks we're talking about here: 

Now he's trying to force this USA/Canada rivalry. Come on, man. First of all, it's an exhibition. Yeah, I want to beat the shit out of everyone the moment we put on the red, white and blue, but it's an exhibition. You can't be out here talking about making a statement game in a glorified scrimmage. That said, I need Team USA to see this. We know they already hate Brooks. He's gone after LeBron and Steph before, time for them to join up and remind him he's, you know, Dillon Brooks. 

I'm not even saying he has to come out and say 'yeah, we expect to lose to the USA.' That would be dumb, no matter who you are. It's a game, anything can happen. Maybe, just maybe, don't talk about proving a statement and winning gold before an exhibition. And for anyone who says 'yeah, Canada beat us last time' that wasn't this Team USA. That wasn't a group with LeBron, Steph, KD, AD, Embiid, Kawhi, Ant, Booker, etc. They beat Walker Kessler. 

Here's my thing. Why even say 'you know I like to make a statement.' Just leave it out and no one cares. Or just let SGA or Murray or someone better than you talk about it. This is Dillon Brooks though, the worst villain in the history of sports.