This AI Buc-ee's Song Is So Awesome That It Might Be Worth Letting the Robots Take Over

I have lamented many times my disdain for the direction we're headed with artificial intelligence. We're giving computers the ability to overtake us and destroy the world and the technology allowing that to happen is used mostly by college kids trying to cheat on tests. But I am willing to reconsider that maybe this is all worth it after all if the computer overlords can give us awesome songs about Buc-ees.

I go feral for Buc-ees. If one those beautiful monuments to American excess is ever erected within two hours of Chicago, I'll be there every other weekend at a minimum. I love that fuckin beaver and his many wares more than most of my family members.

I don't know why every country artist out there isn't beating down Buc-ees' doors to do some sort of collaboration, but if it needs to be the computers that bring me catchy jingles about the most wonderful place on Earth, then so be it. Let's keep the AI busy making more heat like this so we can at least delay the reportedly inevitable time when machine will make man its slave.

Until then, though, the songs and ChatGPT are cool, I guess.