D-Backs Pitcher Paul Sewald Has Been the Worst Reliever in Baseball Since Catching Frank the Tank's First Pitch

Not believing in the Fleming Curse at this point is pretty much on par with being a flat Earther. There is no denying that Frank the Tank has some sort of voodoo power with anything he touches.

Paul Sewald, an old nemesis of Frank's during his time with the Mets, caught the Tank's first pitch in Arizona on June 30. At the time, Sewald was rocking a 0.54 ERA with 11 saves in as many opportunities. He was on fire.

In his three appearances since catching Frank's pitch, Sewald has given up seven hits and seven runs in just 1.2 innings and blown the save opportunity in each game, raising his ERA more than three full runs. He literally went from one of the best relievers in baseball to the worst overnight.

Maybe now that we have evidence that Frank's powers extend beyond just the teams he roots for, though, he can make strategic stops around Major League Baseball to infect other teams and help the Mets. I'm sure there has to be some solace in the fact that the Fleming Curse can be used to torment others just as much as it has plagued Frank. Just nobody let him near Truist Park, the Braves have enough to deal with on their own this year.

The Tank and Sewald seemed to have buried their past with the first pitch, but maybe that was just part of Frankie's plan in exacting his revenge.