Broadcast Cameras Catch Minnesota Twins Pitcher Joe Ryan Powdering His Balls In The Dugout

Just your normal dugout shot after a Carlos Correa home-run right ? You would think so until the very end of the shot and Joe Ryan decides it’s time to powder his balls live on camera. Dudes being Dudes. 

Hilarious clip. Like when you catch an ass shot in an NFL  locker room during a post game speech. Joe Ryan had enough of the heat and decided it was time to give the boys some relief right on the spot. Cant blame him it’s hot as fuck out there across the country. Powder em up Joey ! 

Full disclosure I was never a powder the balls guy. My roommate in college used to sing a song “it is that time to make my balls feel mighty fine” as he did it from the bathroom. I just never was a powder the onions guy and I would feel disingenuous   if I tried to be one now.  I will say the handful of times I have done it after a football practice shower are life changing. Maybe I just like to savor it for special occasions.