Margarita Butt Funnel In Booth Of Popular Family Restaurant Rocks Small Georgia Town To Its Core

 ¡Aye carumba! 

An attempted margarita butt-funnel-turned-butt-luge in a Mexican restaurant has set the small, bible-belt town of Waycross, Georgia ablaze with scandalous gossip after video of the incident leaked from Snapchat to the mainstream. 

There's no way I can actually include said video, but here's a quick recap including details I gathered from other posts:

Scene: After hours at the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, everyone gone except one remaining booth of partiers. One of the women in the booth is completely face down. "Wh… what about her ass??" you ask, trembling slightly. Up and fully out, friend, and things are about to escalate. 

A jovial gentleman pulls her thong to the side. At the same time he licks the end of a small kitchen funnel and stares into her anus like a jeweler examining a diamond. He approaches with the funnel for a smooth docking. It hits you. "Oh my God, he's going to pour a whole margarita pitcher in there."

But suddenly she begins laughing and her butt goes back down out of view. The whole table explodes with laughter and a waiter approaches. You think, "Oh, he's here to shut this down & kick them out," but he just shakes his head several times & then waves at them like, "ha, whoa, I'm outta here, I can't deal with this, goofballs," leading the table to hoot & holler as Funnel Man stands up and howls with glee. 

With the waiter now gone he gets back to business, but he doesn't need that funnel any more. This time she's completely bare-cheeked and he puts his whole face in her crack as he pours the marg pitcher into the crevice. A good old fashioned luge. He pops back up, giddy, and they all continue to cackle and the video ends. 

Apparently the actual incident happened weeks ago, but this first came on my radar the other night when I saw a TikTok that was like, "You think YOUR small town has drama? We're dealing with a restaurant butt bong incident down here." Then more of those started to pop up and I had to investigate, and oddly enough my #babydad Pat was like, "Sadly I have the whole video from some dude's Facebook if you wanna see it", and unfortunately I was like, "Sadly, absolutely yes". So here we are. 

Naturally a bunch of local dork wads & Karens began commenting that this is a FAMILY restaurant and how can you have BUTTS OUT at a FAMILY restaurant and they will NEVER be going back and yada yada…

So the restaurant had to issue a statement and alert the town that there will be an investigation in collaboration with authorities, and it sounds like our waiter friend is likely going to lose his job:


Honestly I feel bad for Rodeo and don't blame them for a single moment of it, and think it's wild people are actually pissed at them. It looked like legit nobody was left in the whole place except this poor waiter just trying to get through his night. If I'm alone with a bunch of hammered beefcake couples you better believe I'm gonna let them butt chug in the booth, pal. Plus being chill about it has gotta mean a solid tip, right? Also this would not be a thing if one of the other drunk idiots hadn't recorded it in the first place. Why did you need to document that knowing how tiny your town is?? There's no way the restaurant as a hole could have controlled this.

ALSO and most importantly, I'm no prude (almost gave Pat a hand job back in May) and I don't want the horny diners lives ruined or anything, but maybe keep your horned-up, swinger shit at home and just make your butt margs there?? (Don't forget to salt the rim.) 


Anyways, the reviews for Rodeo are amazing and they have multiple restaurants throughout the area, and I wish them nothing butt the best. This wouldn't have even been a blip on the radar if it'd happened in Miami or Nashville. Stay strong.