WATCH: The First Trailer For 'Gladiator II' Kicks Ass

Follows Lucius, the son of Maximus's love Lucilla, after Maximus's death.

Hell goddamn yea! Big scale battles, good looking effects, lots of blood and a couple callbacks to the original. Weaving all of that with a plot about corrupt co-emperors, rebellion against the empire and some family drama is pretty much all we can ask for! Not the song choice I would have picked for a movie like this, but who cares. We got gladiators fighting and, from the look of it, the legendary flooding of the Colosseum to stage naval battles which should be cool as hell. 

On the technical side, I don't want to just reiterate too much of what I had from last weeks blog

The TLDR is easy. It's Ridley Scott so what more do you really need. He may have lost a step since his heyday but he can still direct with the best of them. Giving him a cast as hot as this one should hopefully bear fruit more juicy than the original plan for this sequel. Plus, interest in the Roman Empire has been thankfully on the rise (or at least, that's what annoyed girlfriends complaining on TikTok tell me) so interest should be even more drummed up.