AWESOME STORY: 44 Year Old Iowa Congressman Signs Emergency Contract With The Sioux City Explorers, Throws 100 Pitches Into The 7th Inning

I know we don't do a ton of politics but I figured an exception can be made when a state congressman signs a 1-day contract and dominates the very professional American Association. Such was the case this weekend and it's nothing short of fucking awesome. 

As a refresher - the American Association is a legitimate independent league that's home to many former affiliated minor leaguers with an occasional big leaguer. Sometimes it's a PR stunt like Carlos Zambrano with the Chicago Dogs. Sometimes it's a guy who got hurt and wants another cup of coffee. It's a big range, but the important takeaway is that there's a lot of good players in the American Association. 

I'm not sucking the American Association's dick for no reason. The context is important because the Sioux City Explorers called on their 44 year old local lawmaker for an emergency start. 

And he shoved

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Oftentimes, politicians throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game, but in Saturday night’s Sioux City Explorers game, Iowa House of Representatives member JD Scholten (1-0) threw 100 of them in game action. The surprise starter for the Explorers earned a quality start after the Representative went 6.2 innings allowing just one run, leading to the Explorers (23-26) earning an 11-2 victory over the Milwaukee Milkmen (27-24).

7 of the 9 Milwaukee Milkmen were MLB draft picks including American Association MVP Jose Sermo. I don't need to do individual bios but they're good enough to give a full time legislator some issues. That's indisputable.

Even so, J.D. pitched into the 7th inning and is now slated to pitch again this Thursday for the Explorers. Classic baseball guy stuff to just ride the hot arm no matter where it comes from. Just run his ass out there until the wheels fall off. The fact it's a middle-aged guy from the Iowa cornfields makes it even better. 

Speaking of Iowa cornfields and JD Scholten, you might remember him as the starting 3rd baseman on the Red Line Radio baseball team that played Starting 9 in the Iowa cornfields. 


That happened. I was there. JD made a number of solid plays in the field and gave us a couple scoreless innings on the mound. I remember drafting him because he's got size (6'6) and a solid pedigree from the '02 Nebraska CWS squad. Little did I know he was still chasing a dream alongside the campaign trail. Little did I know how much he had left in the tank.

Fast forward and I get this text from JD about the same time the story hits my algorithm


Volunteering. Throwing. Lifting. Cold ones. That's the kind of pregame routine we want in our democracy. So congrats to JD and good luck in your next start. 

I'm now left wondering about athletic achievements. Having that game/performance you remember more than others is an athletic privilege. In that sense, making a great start feels good forever whereas the bad ones go away much easier. I think the only other sport/position that can compare is golf. I have so many dogshit rounds that I'd need Dumbledore to piece together the memories. 

Good ones I can remember almost every tee shot and I think the same applies to pitching. Good games are there forever and no doubt JD's going to have this one for life.

Is there another sport/athletic experience that compares? I don't want to host a debate here, just curious from your experience if there's other examples where you remember the good more than the bad in sports. As a Bears fan I just assume that's impossible with football but I wouldn't know. So that's where I'm coming from.

PS - I tried out for one of these teams with WSD before and I just want to re-emphasize that 100 pitches over 6.2 innings from a 44 year old legislator is fuckin crazy to me