Booth Chronicles, Volume 1: The Sideline Debut

It has been a crazy couple of weeks since I moved on from the Pardon My Take podcast. Despite not being active on the show anymore, as mentioned in a previous blog, I am still working for the company remotely in the meantime as I figure out my next step. So, I figured, why not keep the AWL's and Stoolies in the loop and document this scary, but exciting journey? Welcome to the Booth Chronicles. 

After a move back to Florida from Chicago, I got settled and began prep for my first broadcasting assignment of the summer: four games in Boston for the Premier Lacrosse League on ESPN. This was the first time since my college days that I was working the sidelines for the game, and I had actually never done sidelines for a TV broadcast before this past weekend.

The PLL does a tremendous job providing us up-to-date stats and storylines. I put my prep sheet together and was off to Harvard Stadium for an exciting weekend of lacrosse. I'd say the coolest part of traveling out and about over the last few weeks has been the increased interactions with AWL's out in the "real world." During the first of four games over the weekend, Marcus Holman of the Boston Cannons led off his interview with this...

Very cool. Very, very cool. It was fun chopping it up with a bunch of the best lacrosse players in the world on the sidelines for a couple of days. It's crazy how different of a role sidelines is versus calling the game up in the booth. Both roles are crucial for the viewer, but being down on the field literally keeps you on your toes for the entirety of the broadcast.

Every call I had with ESPN producers and/or current sideline reporters who offered up their advice provided similar advice: you are the eyes and the ears down there. Give the viewers something that can't be discussed in the booth. That strategy forces you to keep the brain moving, walking from bench to bench to see what you can get. It's a fun and unique challenge, and I look forward to running it back with our fantastic crew this weekend for the PLL All-Star Game on ESPN.

Upcoming Broadcast Schedule:

Saturday, July 13th: PLL All-Star Game in Louisville, Kentucky (ESPN)

Friday, July 19th: TBT Doubleheader in Lexington, Kentucky (TBT Website)

Saturday, July 20th: TBT Doubleheader in Dayton, Ohio (TBT Website)

Thursday, July 25th: 3M Open R1 broadcasted remotely in Jacksonville, FL (PGA TOUR LIVE on ESPN+)

Friday, July 26th: 3M Open R2 broadcasted remotely in Jacksonville, FL (PGA TOUR LIVE on ESPN+)

Saturday, July 27th: 3M Open R3 broadcasted remotely in Jacksonville, FL (PGA TOUR LIVE on ESPN+)

Sunday, July 28th: 3M Open Final Round broadcasted remotely in Jacksonville, FL (PGA TOUR LIVE on ESPN+)

I will do my best to write one of these blogs each week and keep everyone posted on schedule updates, fun stories, and more. Talk to you soon...