Tough Day: Wild Video Of Ivica Zubic And Dario Saric In The Middle Of A Massive Bar Fight After Croatia Lost To Greece, Missed Out On The Olympics

Just wanted to set the scene here real quick. We had Olympic qualifying events over the weekend with Croatia vs Greece being one of them. Winner moves on, loser misses out on the Olympics. Low key awesome watches and should always have more of them. Needless to say Greece won. They have Giannis, that helps. 

But it's what happened after that everyone is talking about now. 

Yep, that's a bar fight. I don't know why you'd want to fight a 7-footer, let alone multiple guys near that height in a bar, but have at it. Tough for Saric to be in a headlock/chokehold. No one wants to be in a headlock. If I go through the rest of my life avoiding a headlock, I've lived just fine. Not gonna lie, I had to double check that it was a real video after seeing Saric there. I'd be a little pissed if I was Saric too. He's being a pal, coming to help out Zubac and he got into the chokehold. I get it's part of the concern, but tough beat either way. 

Brutal for this video to come out too. You don't want this after you miss out on the Olympics and get into a bar fight. If you win the bar fight, sure, maybe I can see that. But you have to know that in 2024 someone is somehow always going to release the video. Doesn't matter if you're in Greece or Los Angeles, we're going to see it.