NYC Discovers Trash Cans

Overall New York City rules, and anyone who says otherwise has only been to Times Square for a matinee and overpriced Olive Garden and never ventured to the nooks and crannies. That being said, it is WILD that in 2024 NYC is introducing trash cans like they've just invented the wheel. 

This is, of course, an extension of Mayor Adams' famous "war on rats" for which he appointed a 'rat czar', and also the "next step in the Department of Sanitation's 'Trash Revolution'". All of it feels a bit gimmicky considering Adams has gotten 5 separate fines for rat infestations on his own Brooklyn property since 2022, but this does feel like it's absolutely gotta get done. 

But yeah, it's about damn time for trash cans. They'll never have the luxury of bins AND alleys to hide the refuse away like Chicago, but at the very least people won't have to deal with bloated bags every few feet throughout each borough. It's bad enough the rest of the year, but in the heat of summertime it hits a whole new level of putrid. Typing this brings me back to late night walks home from the bars dodging roaches, rats & rivers of goo while holding my breath while high stepping full speed to get past certain spots. Thrilling, yes. Fun, not so much. 

Giphy Images.

As for the rats, if you're reading this don't panic. You've still got a couple summers to marinate in the stink. The bin mandate doesn't go into effect until June of 2026. 


Chanawat Phadwichit. Getty Images.