A 6 Foot 11 Inch Former Pro Basketball Player, Weighing A Mere 330 Pounds, Has Committed To Georgia To Play On The Offensive Line

6'11, 330 pounds? What a fucking MAMMOTH of a human being. Forget the other 6'7 guys on Georgia's offensive line, he's going to make the fucking trees on campus look like little children when he walks by them. And he's only a 3-star recruit? You'd think that means this guy is a project and can't move very well, if at all, with his size.....but his background says he can! I'm not saying he's Deion Sanders with the footwork, but a kid who's played this much basketball should at least be able to walk and chew gum better than the average bear. Listen to the life story of this 20 year old already: 

- Played basketball with Bronny James 

- Played 2 years of basketball at IMG Academy

- Played 2 years of basketball for the semi-pro Overtime Elite team (that's Wikipedia page says guarantees a minimum salary of 100K to it's players)

- Declared for the NBA Draft

- Went Undrafted (should've had a more famous dad)

- Visited with Kirby Smart

- And now he's going to Georgia to play on the Offensive Live

What's he going to be able to add next? D1 starter? College Football Playoff Champion? NFL Player? I'm not sure where football will end up taking him, seeing as I'm sure he's got plenty to polish skill wise.....but I can tell you one thing: Size won't be the issue. Hasn't been since he was 16 years old, towering over LeBron.

How did no one take this kid off the basketball court and stick him in an NFL Training Academy? I guess the way NBA contracts look these days, I'd focus on basketball too. But holy shit is that an All-American Offensive Lineman if I've ever seen one.