Joe Burrow Tells Ohio State Fans That Claim Him That He Only Went To School In Columbus, But He Played Football At LSU

So Joe Burrow went on Pardon My Take and had a great interview with the boys, but unfortunately the clip that is making it's way around the internet afterwards is him saying he "went to school at Ohio State" and "played football at LSU". Obviously that's a factual statement and the validity cannot be disputed, but let's not interpret it as if Buckeye fans cannot claim Joe Burrow as one of our own. We recruited him. We developed him. We prepared him for success. We EDUCATED him. And then yes, he went to LSU and had a great career and is continuing it in the NFL. I'm happy for THE Ohio State Buckeye, Joe Burrow.

Source: Joe Burrow.

Nothing has changed. Joe Burrow was and still is a Buckeye, just like he is an LSU Tiger. No different than Russell Wilson being a Wisconsin and NC State guy! It would be one thing if it were fans fighting these battle amongst ourselves, but Joe Burrow's opinion is the one that truly matters. And he is on record saying that he is DEFINITELY still a Buckeye.

Again, source: Joe Burrow.

And let me say once again how proud I am of him for all of his success. It all started in Columbus!

Full interview with Joe Burrow on Pardon My Take here: