THE PEOPLE'S CAPTAIN! Keegan Bradley Is Now 'Expected To Be Named' The US Ryder Cup Captain For 2025

Hell yes! We saw the report earlier today that Tiger Woods turned down being captain for the 2025 Ryder Cup at Bethpage. 

At the time a lot of people assumed it'd be Steve Stricker again. But nope, the US goes with the outside the box pick. A guy no one would have suggested until news broke about it. The People's Golfer turned People's Captain, Keegan Bradley. 

What's wild too is that Keegan could still qualify for the Ryder Cup. It's a long shot, but he could still qualify since he's in 24th as of right now. Give me a player-captain. Not sure how it would work, but I'm all in on that idea. If Bill Russell could be a player-coach for the Celtics, Keegan can be a player-captain for the USA. At least that's what I'm telling myself. But think about last Ryder Cup when Keegan thought he'd make the team and got the call saying he was on the outside. 

In a way it's fitting for Bradley to be the captain after this plus the St. John's/Bethpage connection. He should get Rick Pitino as a vice captain. Hell get Belichick too. It's all about beating Europe and you might as well lean on a St. John's guy and a Boston guy. If we couldn't have Tiger, you gotta go someone like Keegan. It makes too much sense, especially with everything we saw last year, in Full Swing and being an anti-Zach Johnson captain. That's what we need. Get our best 12, be a vibes guy captain and get the trophy back. 

Beat Europe.