People Freaking Out About Malik Nabers Being A Strip Club Guy In July Is More Proof He's The Perfect WR1 For The Giants

So this video is starting to go viral the last day or so. Let me be very clear, I love seeing this from Malik Nabers. People are losing their mind over him in a strip club. I'm sorry, when is it illegal to party in a strip club? And people saying he's throwing thousands of dollars? Buddy, those are singles he's throwing. He's not tossing hundreds all at once. We all know this sort of guy at a strip club. That's a man who knows how to have a good time and quite frankly makes me feel even better about him being our WR1. 

I say it all the time, you gotta have a certain personality to be WR1. I want Malik Nabers to be a strip club guy. I wan him to think he's open on every single play. I want him to demand the ball. That's all part of being WR1. Oh, not to mention he still knows how to play football. Let's not act like he's out there in the strip club 24 hours a day like Varsity Blues. 

Look, I get people will bring this up if he struggles at all. Me? I'll bring up the offensive line and/or Daniel Jones. Plus, like Lawrence Tynes says, Malik Nabers is an adult. If he wants to go to a strip club, let him. 

We're not talking about in the season either! We're talking about July! Let the man do his thing because this is what he does on the field.