The Sixers Just Made The Biggest Move Of The NBA Offseason By (Maybe) Bringing Back Their Black Alternates

Alright so first of all, what an incredible--and deserved--presentation the Sixers put together for Tyrese Maxey here. The Sixers catch plenty of heat for constantly underachieving in the playoffs, how things turned out with Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, and all the other circus act shit that has gone on with this organization over the last 5-10 years. But they hit a home run with drafting Tyrese Maxey, and this guy deserves every single penny of his new $205 million max contract he just signed. So it's great to see the Sixers take care of their guy like this. 

But the bigger story here is obviously the jersey reveal. 

It's happening! It's finally happening! No more bullshit Ben Simmons designed Boathouse Row black uniforms. No more pandering from the Sixers trying to push their new arena through with the dark navy Reading Terminal uniforms. But just when you thought the Sixers couldn't get any more dumber, they go out and pull a stunt like this….and totally redeem themselves by doing the right thing and bringing back The black uniforms that everybody has been begging for this whole time. 

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

I know there was a World Series in 2008. I know there was a Super Bowl in 2017/18. But I don't think there was ever a better time to be a Philly sports fan than the early 2000s. You had Allen Iverson dragging the Sixers to an NBA Finals appearance. You had the Flyers in the playoffs every single year. You had the Eagles making 4 straight trips to the NFC Championship game. The Phillies weren't any good, but at least those games were cheap and fun to go to in the summer as a kid. Even outside of the 4 major teams, you could spend $15 to go watch the Philadelphia Phantoms beat the absolute brakes off of teams at the Spectrum. You could spend $10 to go watch the Philadelphia Wings win an NLL Championship in 2001. 

Anything you can do to bring back the feelings and memories of the early 2000s is just good business. And it's coming at the perfect time, too. Because every team right now is set up to at least have a chance. The Eagles may have shit the bed in final 3rd of last year's season, but they reloaded and are still one of the best teams in the NFC. The Flyers were able to pull off one of the biggest international heists by pulling Matvei Michkov out of Russia. The Phillies have the power of Dave Portnoy's $200K behind them. And not only did the Sixers go ape shit this offseason by signing Paul George and Andre Drummond, but now they're bringing back the black uniforms to head into the final few seasons of Joel Embiid's window. 4 teams that all have legitimate hope at the same time? I'm ready to get hurt again.