Joe Burrow Throws Out His Idea For What A Perfect NFL Schedule Would Look Like

On today's Pardon My Take... JOE BURROW! The longtime recurring guest of the show and Cincinnati Bengals QB joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to talk about the upcoming season, his fashion trip to Paris, how open Ja'Marr Chase is, LSU, and tons more. 

One of the biggest topics of discussion over the last few years has been the NFL schedule. Recently, the league moved from 16 games to 17 games, and there are ongoing discussions involving a potential increase to 18. On today's PMT episode, Burrow gave his thoughts on what an ideal NFL schedule looks like, and you can take a look at what he said below...


To recap, this is Joe Burrow's ideal NFL schedule...

- 18 Games

- 2 Bye Weeks

- In-Season Pro Bowl Break (Week 13) - this includes 7-on-7 and all of the Skills Competitions, which Burrow says will help TV ratings

Big Cat's ideas:

- No NFL on the week before Christmas, and dedicate it to the College Football Playoff

- Burrow agrees that a late bye week would allow injured players more time to heal and increase their chances to play down the stretch, when games are more important than ever

- Extending the season by a week also pushes Super Bowl Sunday to President's Day Weekend, which gives a lot of people off on Monday. Genius. 

I am ALL IN on each of these ideas. The NFL season would basically run from Labor Day until President's Day Week, which would be awesome. More football for the fans, more money (and rest) for the players. Let's do it, Commish.