Prince William Continues To Crack Me The Fuck Up By Riding Around Windsor Castle On An Electric Scooter

Laugh out loud funny. I don't know why everything William does is so hilarious to me, maybe because for the last few years we've almost been conditioned to start hating this dude. I'm a Royal Family lover first, drama lover second, but damn did Harry and Meghan do a number on his image. I myself have talked MAJOR shit on William after hearing all the stories Harry told about their upbringing and his general attitude towards him as they got older, but I've always stood true to the fact that sometimes brothers are just acting like brothers, and it's not THAT deep. A few weeks ago I said that Taylor Swift single handedly saved William's image, and I really stand by that. Look at this man!!! 

He's singing and dancing, he's taking selfies, he's getting the Best Dad Award from Jason and Travis Kelce. Now he's whipping around on a Bird scooter, without a care in the world. What's next? Tiktok dances with George and Charlotte? Video evidence of him blasting Charli xcx for his Brat summer? Front row at Lollapalooza for Chappell Roan? The possibilities are endless for the future King, and I for one am thrilled to see it. These people are just people at the end of the day, and they deserve to experience the simple joys in life just as much as the rest of us.