Margot Robbie Is Pregnant With Her Hot Husband, Barbie Can Really Do It All

MARGOTTTT!!!!! Good for these two. Margot had a couple of the biggest years of any star in the business, and I'm happy to see her living life and not letting her job get in the way of what she wants for her family. Even though I am on record as not wanting/loving the idea of kids, when I see women literally doing it all, it gives me hope. I know enough from all of my mom friends to be able to respect someone taking on this HUGE undertaking, especially living in the limelight. Slay queen, girlboss as close to the sun as you want!!! 

It's got to be nice to have the busiest year of your life career wise, cementing yourself as one of the most iconic characters in history, breaking every box office record while simultaneously igniting sparks of confidence and drive for women everywhere, to then be able to sit back and enter a new reality for yourself. Almost exactly a year ago on my first trip to London, one of my good friends brought me to a bar called The Pelican in Notting Hill. It was fun, chic, and during the height of Barbie, Margot Robbie was there having dinner with her friends. Having a blast, nobody bothered them, absolutely normal as hell. It's crazy to think about how many things change over the course of a year, no matter if you're a regular person or Margot fucking Robbie. I foresee a LOT of amazing pregnancy looks in the coming months, and the idea of Margot being able to tell her future child all that she accomplished in the same year she got pregnant has me emotional. IM SO PROUD OF OUR BARBIE!!!